Black Desert Caftan

Black Desert Caftan


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The word ‘caftan’ is believed to have originated in ancient Mesopotamia, but the garment itself can be found across the Middle East and Africa in various traditional forms. The Moroccan ‘jallaba’, Egyptian and Sudanese ‘djalabiya’, the Senegalese ‘boubou’, and the Saudi Arabian ‘abaya’ are all variations of this hot climate garment.

While I was in Kenya visiting my parents, I met a freelance tailor in Nairobi named Issa through my Somali aunt Faiza. I came up with a design for a caftan I had in mind, and through trial and error, Issa and I fine-tuned the design until it was exactly like the vision I had.

I wanted to create a caftan that made the person wearing it feel regal and powerful, like the women in my family I grew up watching float through a space while they hosted friends and family, with their caftans on and incense burner in hand.

One Size Fits All- adjustable fabric waist belt.

These caftans can be tied around the front of the waist, around the back, or all the way around for three different styles.

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