Sibha (Beaded Accent)

Sibha (Beaded Accent)


This piece is inspired by a sibha, also known as a misbaha, a Sufi rosary made up of a total of 33 beads, divided into three sections of 11. A sibha is used in the ritual of zikr, or remembrance used in the daily glorification of God similar to the use of malas in mantra recitation. The number 33 is a divine number in Islamic mysticism, seen as a reflection of the 99 names of God. The use of beads as a decorative accent was inspired by antique Bedouin necklaces used as coffee table accents in many Saharan and East African homes.

Each bead is formed by hand by creating two spherical semi circles that are then fused to make one bead, and pierced on either end. They are dried and fired at a low temperature to harden the clay, and a matte black liquefied clay known as a slip is splattered across the beads. They are then re-fired to their final temperature to achieve their ceramic state.

The beads are strung using hemp rope and a tassel of black Highland wool is carefully added.

Made to order: 4-6 weeks

17 inches without tassel 

Due to the handmade nature of this piece, expect slight variations.

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