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Preserving East African Craftsmanship

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For my customers and followers who have been following my journey creating ceramics under Nur Ceramics, I have an exciting new project to share with you!

To anyone visiting this page for the first time- welcome!

Iā€™m back in New York after spending the winter home travelling through East Africa. I started in Ethiopia, where I sought out a collective of women I had heard about who were preserving the old ways of making pottery. On my many visits to them and other artisans in Ethiopia and Kenya, I saw that there was incredible talent but a lack of opportunities present for these artists to earn a sustainable living wage.

This sparked an new chapter in my passion for traditional African art, and my commitment to support its preservation.

Click on the video above to hear more about my journey and Nur Home, the homeware line I developed in collaboration with the artisans I encountered.

The Kickstarter campaign featuring all the product we developed are now live!