Cora Bowl in White | Yellow | Pink (Retail $175)

Cora Bowl in White | Yellow | Pink (Retail $175)


The Sahrawi Collection

The Sahrawi Collection is based on a color study of collected photographs from several tribes along the Sahara desert. It features colors and textures from traditional clothing, architecture, textiles, patterns, and jewelry. This collection is an ode to the aesthetic sophistication that comes from generations of fine-tuning, resulting in unique combinations that are particular to a culture’s geography and peoples.

The Materials

This piece is made of a taupe speckled clay that is left unglazed on the outside except for accent lines made with underglaze. The inside is lined with a semi-glossy food-safe glaze.


3x7 inches

Made to Order

3-5 Weeks

Care Instructions

To guarantee the longevity of this piece, it is best to avoid placing it in the dishwasher or microwave. Clean with soap, water, and sponge.

Photo: Jean-Louis Potier

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